'Julia has my full and deepest respect as a highly effective modern day shaman'.

~ Victoria Naturopath, Dr. Penny Seth-Smith

Julia Day  ~ Jewel

Body / Mind Therapies

Diplomate-certified Advanced CranioSacral Therapist  & Teaching Assistant  1996 - 2015

Certified (Esoteric) Advanced Energy Healer & Teacher  1996 - 2003

Masters in Ministerial Science 
1998 - 2002

A Course in Miracles ~ Pure Non-Duality mento2005 - 2015

in full-time therapeutic practice since 1997

In person, groups or long distance, on a sliding scale

Victoria BC 


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 "Imagine an airplane crashing to the ground,
or a boat being torn asunder in a storm,
or a warrior assailed by weaponry in a battle ...

I help provide access to the stillness, stability, quiet
profound Peace and invulnerability,
that is your ever-present True nature

while your body-psyche gently detoxifiy and unwind
 the somatic-emotional memories
of time and space within the human mind."


My Purpose

Undoing the dogma of words and concepts
through natural profound inner Presence;
The Self
extending through all that appears to be
releasing all else


In my sessions, I combine
Advanced CranioSacral Therapy
and Esoteric Healing
with pure non-dual metaphysics.

My Orientation

     My spiritual orientation is anchored in various traditions
through many decades:

Ancient Wisdom Teachings
A Course in Miracles
Tibetan Buddhism
Christian Mysticism
Taoism, Sufism
Gestalt & Jungian psychology,
astrology, metaphysics,
expressive movement, voice/sound and poetry.


I also love being a therapeutic facilitator of:
Advanced CranioSacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release.

This holistic therapy is extremely helpful for:
releasing fear, toxins and somatic memory,
balancing our brain and nervous system,
mobilizing fascial restrictions throughout the body,
healing from accidents and disease;

and optimizing our physical, mental and spiritual health
through open
ing our felt-sense Awareness
deep inside the body/mind,
and lear
ning to trust our Inner Wisdom

For info on upcoming CranioSacral Workshop  Sunday May 10, 2015 link here

My practice is also influenced by
  many years spent in heart-centered, soul-directed 
Ancient Wisdom Esoteric Healing Schools
with intimate direct experience of

Spiritual Embodiment
through Esoteric Healing,
grounded meditation
inner listening
sound healing
energy anatomy, light initiations;
inner child dialogue, ego sub-personalities 
and other subtleties and siddhis
encountered on the path 'home'.

In 2002
, I wrote my ministerial Ordination thesis entitled:

'Living Christ Consciousness;
Unconditional Love, Non-Judgment and Equality'.

For info on upcoming
 'Intimate Union with The Self'  Embodiment Retreat,
June 27-29 link here


The Truth of Love

 is powerfully, undeniably revealed
to each of us in our own way, symbols and right timing.

Healing occurs miraculously through immense grace and
transcends everything we believe exists about ourselves and our world.

Our quantum nature and the purity of our Essence is revealed,
along with profound recognition of the power of our thoughts,
within the intimate inner landscape of our body/mind.

Supporting a direct experience of the pure living
 Truth of Love
which is also our Self
is the foundation of my practice.

I describe myself as a fusion of many disciplines,

but it all comes down to What already Is, Is.

Let's learn to Trust It and we will be naturally shown.

Julia ~ Jewel

I am a simple person who manages to move mountains.
It is all done through me, not by me.

I am a mom, daughter, sister and a friend.

I think of myself as very practic
and easy going, flexible, funny ...

I am not ambitious for myself, yet I cannot help but serve
the Spirit of Love that lives through me.

I have a full-time healing practice and weekly satsangs with groups,
combined with residential retreats and one-on-one mentoring.

I am grateful to have lived a fascinating life
with many chapters, teachers, gifts,
 amazing adventures,
so many opportunities to grow ...

Somewhere along the way
i learned to completely trust, let go,
and rest in That which lives through me
and you,

Loving me, and you,
every second of the day ...


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In Love and Oneness



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