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In 2013 I mistakenly deleted all my testimonials, so these are mainly new!

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Name: Myrtle, retired nurse

Country: Canada
Date: 19 Mar 2013


With a glad heart, I say Thank You Jewel for all the individualized loving care and attention you have given me since the summer of 2007. You are an excellent teacher and role model of unconditional love. I am also grateful for your meditation groups and for your willingness to serve the community in Victoria. Thank you for being here, and for being you. You are a real blessing in my life, with Love and appreciation,  Myrtle

Name: Monica Carradori, addictions counsellor

Country:  USA Date: 20 Mar 2013

Comment: Jewel helped me put my dog to rest, a difficult feat for me. Jewel has a way of zoning right in on the issue. She is smart and sensitive. Jewel nourishes our connection to the divine. Jewel is so generous with her time and talent. Our connection has been exclusively electronic. I wouldn't think it would work but it does. If you are at all unsure try communicating with Jewel. My writing skills do not do her justice.   Love  Monica

Name: Keely, autism support, healer
Country: Calgary Alberta
Date: 20 March  2013

Comment: Deep deep namastes to you for what you do for the healing and awakening of the sonship - locally and at a distance! You come to mind sometimes in meditation or times of learning/healing, and the symbol you appear to me as is a healing force, like a gateway for what feels like an intensely strong healing vortex/communication/teaching/healing. So THANK YOU!!!  And what I'm really thanking is the thing that I AM! So Amen to that sister!

Name: Leigh K., massage therapist

Country: Victoria BC  Date: 20 Mar 2013

Comment: Jewel is a Jewel. She has been in my life for almost six years now. I have had the most profound healing of my life with her. She has helped me heal from the most trivial of things such as dealing with my love life, to the biggest things such as dealing with the death of my father. She is my spiritual teacher, mentor, advisor and friend. I hope to emulate her as a healer and follow in her foot steps.

Name: Heidi, retired nurse

Country: HAWAII  and Norway
Date: 2 February 2013

Comment: I highly recommend Julia. She helped with a serious medical problem, Chronic Fatigue, and the worst symptom was my hyper-sensitivity to cold. I moved to Hawaii, but even on a hot day inside my apartment I was shivering with a heater, electric blanket, long pants & jacket. After one healing session with Julia, I got my heat back, and I don't use the extras anymore. Now I even have to use the air conditioner to cool down! So thank you so much Julia for the wonderful healing. If we lived in the same country, I would come for more healing sessions, and also for your spiritual guidance. One day I will come to Victoria to attend your classes or an ACIM retreat. Thank you so much dear Julia.   Warm regards from Heidi.

Name: Martha Nicholson, CST, LMT Therapist

 22 Mar 2013

Comment:  Jewel is one of those beings whose presence brings forward the healer in all of us. Many thanks to her for the huge, heart full influence she has had, and continues to have, on the life and healing practice I have today.

Name: Heidi, retired nurse

Country: NORWAY
Date: 30 Mar 2013

Comment: Thank you Julia! I am planning to come to further training in spiritual healing retreats with you. I have had sessions with other craniosacral therapists and healers that were nice- but when I compare with the session with you, the transformation of energy was a deep spiritual experience.

It is really hard to explain with words, but i strongly felt the Christ or Christ energy present with you. It can't be described but it was like a field of deep unconditional love, peace and joy. I have not had that experience in any other treatment sessions/other persons, except with Benny Silverman when I could sometimes feel the same energy in his presence too.

You know when the student is ready the teacher will appear!  Thanks again Julia for your wisdom and help.

Name: Benny Silverman, minister

Country: USA - HAWAII  Date: 1 Apr 2013

Comment: Jewel is one of the most uncompromising and totally committed contributors to the Great Awakening that I have ever known. I have been truly blessed and remain deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to meet and experience her dedication and compassion. She is a teacher and healer who obviously has direct contact with a source of knowingness, love and healing energy that is beyond normal human experience.  With much heart felt aloha,  Benny Silverman

Name: M.M. Psychotherapist
Country: Victoria, Canada
Date: 3 Apr 2013

Comment: I’ve worked with Jewel for several years now and my life is changing from the inside out. As a practicing counselor/psychotherapist, with over three decades of experience working with people with anxiety, depression and all degrees of trauma, doing extensive personal work has been necessary in order to remain helpful to others. Although the earlier personal work was beneficial, it didn’t result in the core transformation that has come from sessions with Jewel. Her quiet, sensitive, and kind attention, and her skill in working with energy, have lead to deep shifts and healing in myself. She has a welcoming treatment room, a flexible schedule, and brings generosity to all aspects of her practice. I recommend her to my clients who are able to benefit from her approach. Thank you, Jewel!   M.M., psychotherapist, Victoria, BC

Name: C.H., Architect

Country: CANADA  Date: 8 Apr 2013

Comment: Julia, Thank you so very, very much for your immediate and appropriate, competent, spiritual without religion, humble, loving, angelic response to my call for your help. You helped me to get into grace and love so I can send this out to others. You are very much a part of my inner dialogue. Thank you. Charles

Name: Leanna, PhD, home learning educator, parent  
Country: Canada, Victoria
Date: 9 Apr 2013


Julia has been my family’s healer, spiritual guide, and counselor since 2004.  She initially healed my TMJ and many body aches, and then I kept seeing her for her compassion, wisdom, and gentleness that helped me reconnect with the love that is me. My children have all had many sessions with Julia and they LOVE her so much!  She is such a guiding light and we have all healed so many physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects because of her care.  We are eternally grateful for Julia!

Name: Deb Monkman, Health Librarian

Country:  W. Vancouver BC
Date: 10 Apr 2013

Comment: Dear Julia,

Thank you for believing in me, for standing with me, for not leaving me, for allowing me to do whatever I needed to do, and for continuing on with me...   Thank you for being here in BC and holding the Vision for us.  Thank you for showing me the way when I was lost.  Thank you for your shining example!  With LOVE since 1997  Debbie

Name:  Melanie,  MSW

Country: Victoria, BC  Date: 15 Apr 2013


“For those who wonder, 'embodiment' means resting our awareness in the quiet inner center, deep within, timeless and whole, anchored vertically through all worlds, all dreams, as the grounded Presence of Pure Love, the Heart of Oneness.” ~ Jewel

 Jewel gives us a living example of what it means to live an authentic life. As her student, client and friend, I have noticed that being in her Presence allows all those that abide with her to have a fresh experience of their Divine nature. Her humour and deep compassion allow us to feel a deep sense of safety that is essential for healing to take place. In her Presence, we find a rich opportunity to view our ego, along with all its dance of illusions, as an opportunity to grow.  From this grounded place, we deepen our understanding of the interconnectedness of all things and are reminded that we can never be separate from our Source.

Thank You Jewel!

Name: J. F.
Country: VICTORIA BC  Date: 28 Oct 2013

Comment: Dear Jewel,

Heartfelt thank yous for your great kindness, wisdom and generosity. You are an amazing healer and have made such a positive difference in my life. I am very grateful for all your help and wisdom over the past 15 years. You are a powerful inspiration to me. With much Love and thanks. J

Name: Christopher
Country: BC Canada

Comment: Julia, There are no words... no words to express.  Tears of THANKS and GRATITUDE fill my being for the extraordinary gifts and guidance you have shared with me on my journey.

Soft blue light in warm eternity,

Love Christopher

Name: A.
Victoria  BC

Comment: What lies at the heart of Julia's skill as a facilitator of spiritual healing for me (I've been her client for the past 12 years) is her unswerving capacity to hold space for the truth.

Regardless of the situation, whatever the dark, thorny and confused recesses of my mind that I appear to need to travel to in my healing journey, she stays aligned with the truth of loving oneness, and from there she guides.

In gratitude, A.

Name: Artist, Healer

Country: via SKYPE 
Date: 21 Feb 2014


Thanks so much for last night. Just wanted to let you know I am feeling good! I so appreciate your support right now. I am feeling great this morning and my scar feels much much better. I wish I could do a session every day with you!!!!! Have a wonderful day.   Love you,

Name: P.C.  Painter, Yoga Teacher
Country: Canada

Comment: "Thank You for your love and support and for the profound space that you hold for me. You are a power point of connection to Who I Am and Who I am Becoming. You fill me with groundedness, truth and Love. You give me great gifts."

Name: Patti H, retired occupational therapist

 Canada & Florida  

Comment: Julia, I am so grateful for your friendship and the beautiful extraordinary being of light and divine truth that you are. Thank you for being my spiritual teacher, healer and sister in our miraculous reunion with Love and joy. Thank you, Patti

Name: D.R.B - Lic. Massage Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist

                    Montana USA

Comment: "You are gifted. That one session released so much for me... improved neck movement and decreased pain to imperceptible... allowing me to sleep comfortably for the first time in many years without waking up in pain.

If we ever meet again, my head is in your hands!  Thank you."         Deborah

Name: Amy M.  Financial Analyst

Country: Canada

Comment: "Once again you have helped me find the courage to see my own power, my own beauty and my own strength. I celebrate your immense generosity, courage, warmth and kindness. A greater teacher, I have never known.

With your exceptional skill and unconditional love and compassion, I have healed issues that traditional therapies could not resolve. I have discovered my own authentic power, love and joy..."

Name: Sandra Love

Comment: Hello Julia. I don't know if you remember me.  Years ago [2005?] your work changed my life forever after a car accident that had me going from therapist to therapist for 4 years. Now I switched careers! I followed my bliss and I discovered my passion for animals and my true calling.  Thanks so very much to you and the healing of my insomnia, my mirgraines and intense back spasms.  My life has changed so much.  I would love to lie on your table again when I come back to BC and see your dog!  Yours Sandra in Love.

Name: Russell Johnson, Writer
Date: 18 Mar 2014

Comment: Julia's gift is truly astounding. In my first experience of lying on her massage table, I allowed her to join with the Light, with my head simply resting in her hands, and I literally HEARD and felt the tension, trauma and memories stored in my cranium release. It was remarkable. By the end of just a short time, I felt like I was swimming in a golden peace. It was truly a “healing session” - and it did not end there...

Feelings and issues that had been needing to come to awareness were able to find their way up. The healing session kick-started a truly useful catharsis that has helped me think clearer, process beliefs, and re-focus on my life's purpose and creative efforts.

She also helped heal and relax the long-term pain in my shoulder that other therapies had not helped. It's all true and I am totally willing to sing her praises without reservation. I am excited for my next session!  I highly recommend her.

Name: L.D.

 re: 3-Way Distance Healing
15 Jul 2014

Comment: I just talked to my mom... she sounded like a completely different person!!!  She told me she had laid down for a nap, had this incredible peace come over her, slept for a couple hours and woke up feeling fantastic. She said, "This is the first time my ears aren't ringing and I am sitting here sharp as a tack."  Then, I told her we had done a distance healing.  She said, "Oooooh, she is very powerful!!!"   Thanks sweetheart !!!! Love you! So affirming to have such amazing results !!!!!

Name: Anonymous

 11 Aug 2014

Comment: After my dental surgery, I had hands-on (1) craniosacral therapy by a well-trained, sensitive and energetically attuned person (2) craniosacral by a likewise attuned physiotherapist, and (3) physiotherapy and craniosacral by a different physiotherapist... AND I still couldn't get a good bite!!!    Then, you worked with me from a distance on Skype and what you released in my cranium finally moved my head around so that I could finally get a bite!   It really is amazing when you think of it - Julia in Victoria helped me to change the structures in my head MORE than 3 physical hands-on therapists could do with me in their office! I love us!




Name: Mitra-Ji
 VANCOUVER ISLAND  Date: 17 Nov 2014

Comment: Hello, Julia, Congratulations on becoming a Diplomate - wow - What an accomplishment! It was a privilege to sit with you in your CranioSacral Intro Workshop, as you completed your qualification to be the only Diplomat-certified CranioSacral Therapist in BC. It was a wonderful experience to dive into the ebb & flow that is the tide of life in each and every being. Thank you for providing a sacred space to share and explore the depths with such beautiful, like-minded people. The training was an experiential learning and, for me, it was a gift of a lexicon for what I do when I open and close sessions with my rogis (clients). Again, I am amazed by the similarities with the work I do in my healing practice! I am also grateful for your sharing of what you have learned in your time and experience as a healer. It is so important to be open in sharing the healing wisdom.

In deepest gratitude, Karen-Mitra

Name: client and workshop participant

Date: 28 Nov 2014

Comment: Writing to say how much I appreciate your incredible depth and breadth of study throughout your life. It's like you have a PhD in esoterism.  You effortlessly speak to so many topics and make it all relevant - You remember stuff and you express it so easily, like an amazing university prof. That's pretty incredible and attests to your life's study and commitment. With great gratitude...A.D.

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