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'Intimate Union with The Self'

Embodiment Retreat

Saturday June 27, Sunday June 28, Monday June 29





'Intimate Union with The Self'


Saturday  June 27 through Monday June 29

(recommend all three days)

Spiritual Embodiment through pure non-dual metaphysics
and devotional practice using A Course in Miracles, Esoteric Healing
and Conscious Awareness

 Rest with the Teacher within

Deep Heart
Deep Wholeness
Deep Oneness
Deep Presence
Deep Holiness
Deep Knowing
Deep Willingness
Deep Trust

Pure Joy
Pure Inspiration
Pure Essence
Pure Equality
Pure Love

Suggested Fee before June 20:  $ 350 for 3 days

or ... $ 130/day

(After June 20: $ 400 & $ 140)

Thank You for your support

This Retreat follows in a series of Embodiment Retreats
 with the following theme:

uantum Forgiveness
and Embodied Presence
recognize the world we see as a
projection of opposites
and the Truth of Love as our eternal nature.

We learn to trust
the voice for Love
the choice for Love
the feeling of Love
and the Knowing of Love

through meditation and prayer
deep inner journeying
surrender to Spirit
esoteric anatomy
divine light
quantum forgiveness
the universal Heart
art, sound, poetry, music, expression
and lots of happy laughter...

leading to a gentle infinite Awareness
of the Self I Am.

*'Embodiment' means resting our Awareness
 in the quiet inner center, deep within, timeless and whole;
anchored vertically through all worlds, all dreams,
as the grounded Presence of Pure Love, the Heart of Oneness.  It means knowing ourselves entirely as Spirit walking open-heartedly in the world.

Likely Topics for June Retreat

- Feeling & Sensing verses Thinking
- Knowing Thy Sovereign Self/ Christ Stream: Owning your Energy Body
- Energetic Anatomy: Central Column, Soul Star, Earth Star, Core Self Alignment
- The Grounded Heart
- Clearing the Unconscious: safe, simple, practical, natural purification techniques
- The Spiritual Ego: Seeing past phenomenon
- Resting in Awareness: not chasing an energy, not fixing a problem
- Fearless Living Presence
- Permission for Absolute Authenticity and Direct Knowing


Past Retreats Topics

 June 29 - July 1 , 2013

Theme was Energetic defense systems and Ego sub-personalities;
 how they hoodwink us into maintaining separateness
keeping what is already ONE within us seemingly hidden from our Awareness.

Aug 30 - Sept 1

Theme was deepening with the Inner Teacher
 through the Vertical Axis and One Heart.

Nov 16 - 18
Vertical Axis & Chakra Retreat

 February 15 - 17, 2014

'In The Deep' ~ A Course in Miracles Retreat

 July 5 - 7, 2014
Theme was embodiment through healing the second chakra & Inner Children
as well as witnessing/unwinding our primary defense systems,
combined with deep meditation & Awareness in Satsang format

November 22, - 24, 2014

Themes included: The 3rd Chakra, Death, Holy Relationships & lots of Joy, Movement

Next Retreat  ~ JUNE 27 - 29, 2015

'Intimate Union with The Self' 


'Intimate Union with The Self'

 Embodiment Retreat
Saturday June 27 - Monday June 29

9:15 to 5 PM


In the beautiful Sanctuary at

Sleeping Dog Farm

1606 Burnside Rd W, near Victoria, BC

What to bring

Bring a bag lunch OR
a huge, delicious vegetarian organic daily lunch
 served by Sleeping Dog Farm
is available for a price per day of $ 16 per person.
Must commit to catered lunch by June 20

We also provide tea, fruit and nuts to snack on.

Cushions and folding chairs are on site as well but extras are welcome.

We have use of a large fully-equipped kitchen and lounge area

Bring your own art supplies and journal, or use our extras.

Cost per Retreat

Three-Day Retreats  (in a beautiful setting)

Suggested fee (before June 20) for 3 Days =  $ 350

or cost per day  $ 130

(If paying via Paypal link, $ 365 to cover their fees)

After June 20, cost increases to $ 400/Retreat, or  $ 140/day

We Appreciate your support and early registration

Extended Payment plans are fine.  Contact Jewel.


OR  arrange to see me in person, you can hand deliver or mail
 to my address which I don't publish on this site.

Out of Towners: Accommodation on site

Really beautiful and serene accommodations are available on site.
Please describe your needs if you are coming from out of town.

Price is hard to determine exactly in advance as it will depend on the number
of people who choose to stay on site.  I will be in touch when I know better. Thanks.


Register: Jewel  250-370-1380


Testimonial re Stacy & Julia (Jewel)

"Whether you are looking for help in a specific area or a deepening of your spirituality,
Stacy and Jewel have the tools to assist you.
I have worked with both of them extensively for the past 7 years.
They have helped me complete forgiveness for childhood rape and abuse,
neck issues, breast cancer, severe toxicity from chemotherapy
and a breakdown in my long term marriage.

At present, I continue to use them for assistance in the deepening awareness
 that Love is who I truly am. My guidance, strengthened under their tutelage,
directs me to either Stacy or Jewel when it is time for a visit. 

Stacy and Jewel are amazing healers.
They have Oneness firmly established in their hearts, the clarity to assist
you through confusion, arms to hold you while you cry,
and the ability to gently correct you in your perceptions.

Jewel is also highly skilled in CranioSacral therapy.
They use a combination of hands on/hands off energy work
and conversation to shift your energy and help you remove
your blocks to the awareness of Love, healing the mind."

Testimonial re: 'In the Deep" Retreat, by Christine

Resting in awesome Love & Gratitude for the continued sinking 'Into the Deep',
ever-so-gently and lovingly guided by Spirit through Julia DayStacy SullyRussell Johnson, & all the other Mighty Companions that joined 'in the deep' -
daring to share, question, laugh, be with, allow, draw, move,
voice, surrender and let go… 

even now, I continue to feel myself softening into the Truth of 'I Am'
… now… now… now…. now ….

The retreat helped me to deepen in willingness to look at the fear stories and mirages
that distract me from the fact that I Am always only Love, at Home, in Oneness.

Today, I am resting in the spaciousness revealed by Spirit
after a 'fear/guilt boulder' that had seemed to be a 'war zone' of horror & grief in my abdomen, was rolled away and recognized as only Light;
all revealed through the meditation, prayer, drawings
and the witnessing support of the group.

I am so, so, so, so …. grateful for Spirit moving through all
who are appearing in my dream - all for my healing & remembering!

- Christine

Testimonial re 'In The Deep Retreat', by Linda

Thank you so much!  I have thoroughly enjoyed all the workshops.
This last one was a doozy for going deep and so much fun to have such male energy present. I can feel myself descending to a new level as a result of the workshop.
Thank you for your dedication in helping the rest of us
take our spirituality ever closer to God.

Website re Stacy Sully




w/ Julia Day (Jewel)
10 AM - 5 PM
$ 90

Heart of the Village Yoga
206-2186 Oak Bay Ave. Victoria

More Info Here


Mystical Friday Mornings

Satsang with Jewel
ACIM Pure Non-Duality, Meditation & Embodiment Support

10 AM by donation

This group goes very deep, so is by invitation only
 (a member invites you)
an open drop in group is also meeting
on Tuesday evenings.
Please scroll down for details.



                                     also see:


Effective Tuesday November 4, 2014 ...
Tuesday Night Satsangs are suspended for awhile. 
I need a break!
Will resume when I feel inspired,
possibly on a Wednesday eve instead of Tuesdays...
Stay Tuned!
Thank you all who have attended !


 Body / Mind Retreats & Classes

I have been facilitating Embodiment retreats, meditations and classes in spiritual healing since 1998.

From 1999-2003 I produced and assist-taught at a residential esoteric healing school in British Columbia, and others in Ontario. 

I have also assist-taught at  20+ CranioSacral therapy 4 day seminars and residential retreats
from 1999 through 2013.

Since 2000, I have been organizing  Victoria area & BC community events.

I also continue to produce a Visiting Mystic Series. 

Past guests have included:
  • Gary Renard & Cindy Lora Renard - author: The Disappearance of the Universe
  • Nouk Sanchez & Tomas Vieira - authors: Take Me To Truth - Undoing The Ego
  • David Hoffmeister - author of many A Course in Miracles related books
  • Alixsandra Parness - advanced energy healing & author
  • Sheilana Massey - esoteric healing & author
  • Marcia Wolter - esoteric healing & embodiment
  • Sarah St. Clair - a course in miracles
  • Carroll Vance - a course in miracles
  • Moonbeam Boddhisatva - a course in miracles
  • Stacy Sully - embodiment & esoteric healing
  • Tanis Day - advanced energy healing & author
  • Brian Finnie - embodiment & tibetan buddhism
  • Russell Johnson - a course in miracles
  • Kirsten Buxton & Ricki Comeaux - musical mystics in a course in miracles
  • Matthew Kocel ~ sound healing, overtones, throat singing...

To keep informed of ongoing A Course in Miracles events, please visit the community website:



Oneness Weekends with Jewel

                  this is our very cool mentor               

(a 35 min ferry ride from Victoria/Sidney)

New Dates Coming Soon

3 or 6 days


Option for 3 or 6 days

Energy Anatomy Embodied Presence


The Anatomy of Undoing

with Jewel

Esoteric Anatomy

Central Column & Chakras of Undoing

Mechanics of a Miracle

Deepening Awareness


Developing Trust

Call: 250-370-1380 for details

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