"The seeds of sickness come from the belief
that there is joy in separation,
and its giving up would be a sacrifice..."

A Course In Miracles ...

is a transpersonal, psychological, radical teaching in

pure non-dual Oneness

that uses quantum forgiveness to undo our dualistic split mind.

The Course guides us through a mystical journey of awakening

to the awareness of pure Love's Presence.

The alchemy of awakening occurs

through joining our thoughts and perceptions

with our Inner Wisdom Teacher,

and learning to trust
our Wholeness,

our Oneness, our Goodness.

It's a personal path for me, and not for everyone;

at least not for everyone, in the form of this book, at this time.

No problem if it doesn't speak to you ...

I am versatile and well guided to support through many different paradigms.

Healing happens naturally in its own graceful timing

and perfect way for each individual.

My offering assists in helping us both to embody

through direct 'felt' experience

the pure divinity of our unchanged eternal nature

as perfect Love, Light, Wisdom.

The workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles

are an aid that assist some people

in achieving a greater trust and union with the indwelling Self.

ACIM Links

The Foundation for Inner Peace (Ken Wapnick)

Gary Renard ~ The Disappearance of the Universe book recommended

Listen to the Course

ACIM Satsangs & Retreats

'Love is One.

It has no separate parts and no degrees;

no kinds nor levels,

no divergencies and no distinctions.

It is like itself, unchanged throughout.

It never alters with a person or a circumstance.'


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